STS & bunkering

STS operations requires careful planning, coordination, and compliance with international safety and environmental standards. Nordic Fender supplies quality equipment for your operation – on time!

Pneumatic fenders

Our Pneumatic Fenders are first class fenders manufactured in full compliance with ISO 17357-1:2014. We promise outstanding performance and durability, supporting you in running a safe operation – on time!


  • Chain & tire net fenders (Sizes from 1,0 m x 1,5 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m)
  • Sling fenders (Sizes from 0,5 m x 1,0 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m)

Optional features:

  • Heavy duty aircraft tyre net
  • Special colors, both fender body and tyre net
  • GPS and internal pressure sensor – monitoring device
  • Other special sizes on request


Fender davits is the most efficient and safe way of handling your fenders. A davit, with inbuilt cradle, will store your fenders on deck, ready for deployment and operations. Handling is done from a control panel, or remote control.


  • 2.0 x 3.5 m fender – Davit SWL 2 tons
  • 2.5 x 4.0 m fender – Davit SWL 3 tons
  • 2.5 x 5.5 m fender – Davit SWL 4 tons
  • 3.3 x 6.5 m fender – Davit SWL 7 tons
  • 4.5 x 9.0 m fender – Davit SWL 15 tons


Nordic Fender supplies all types of hoses for marine and offshore use, and for our clients within the Ship-to-Ship (STS) and bunkering market.


  • Composite cargo, vapor & metal hoses
  • Rubber bunker & marine offshore hoses
  • Manifold reducers, expansion joints & valves
  • Dry disconnect & marine break away couplings
  • (Mass) flow meters
  • Insulation and blind flanges, gaskets, bolts and nuts

Hose buns & hose slings

A hose bun is a lifting device employed to gently elevate hoses, safeguarding them from excessive external forces, and preventing kinking.

Hose handling slings are employed to safeguard hoses from being crushed, bent, or severed. They evenly distribute the weight of discharge hoses across their width, preventing damage.


  • Hose handling buns for lifting and support
  • Hose handling slings for support
  • Hose trolleys for easy maneuvering on deck

Rigging gear

STS and bunkering require more than just the fenders and hoses itself. All operations require a detailed plan, and how the equipment is handled and secured play a key role.


  • Guy ropes for fenders & mooring lines (PP rope, HMPE, wire, chain)
  • Hardware: chain, swivels, masterlinks
  • Lifting slings

Transfer basket

A personnel transfer basket is a preferred mode of transferring personnel as it is safe, fast, and economical. Typically used in offshore operations and marine environments for the safe transfer of personnel between vessels or rigs/platforms. The use of transfer baskets is common in the oil and gas industry, especially during offshore activities such as crew changes, emergency evacuations.