Foam filled fenders

Foam offers more flexibility as dimensions and performance characteristics can be customized according to type of project and specific requirements. There is no ISO standard as for the pneumatics, but design and manufacturing guidelines are given by PIANC .

As with the rubber fenders the foam fenders can be floating in sea, fixed to quay or hanging from ship side. Different type of application requires different type of solution.

Nordic Fender offers:

Chain type

Here we refer to «chain type» as in chain passing through the fender body, with a swivel arrangement at each end allowing the fender to rotate during operation.

Typical sizes are from 0.7 diameter and up to 4m, with lengths from 1.2 to 12m.

In addition we can supply foam fenders fitted with chain & tyre net. This will offer additional protection of the coating (outer layer) and foam core.

Steel type

The steel axle fenders are designed with connecting flanges and swivels mounted each end, allowing the fender to rotate.

Typical sizes are from 0.8 diameter and up to 4m, with lengths from 1.2 to 12m.

PU type

The PU axle fenders have no metal parts, which eliminates risk for sparks and damage to hull/ship.

This type is not designed for large sized ships or heavy duty operations.

Sizes: from 0.3 diameter and up to 1.8m, with lengths from 0.7 to 3m.