Nordic Fender manufacturers and supplies all types of system fenders, fixed fenders, profile fenders and accessories.

System fenders

Nordic Fender supplies advance fender systems for ports and terminals. All products are manufactured and tested to meet PIANC guidelines. 3rd party certification (DNV) available on demand.

Types of system fenders:

  • Cone fenders
  • Cell fenders
  • Element fenders
  • Parallel motion fenders

Rubber compound test results maintained in accordance with ISO 9001 procedures are available for customer inspection and can be provided with the end product.

All testing is done in accordance with ASTM and the PIANC guidelines. Inspection of the testing is open to customers or their representatives at the factory. 3rd party certification (DNV) available on demand.

Fixed fenders

Nordic Fender supplies all types of fixed fenders for ports, terminals and vessels. Materials can be rubber, PU and foam, depending on product and application.

Types of fixed fenders:

  • D Fender
  • Cylindrical fender
  • Arch fender
  • Keyhole fender
  • W/M fender

Roller fenders

Roller fenders are generally founr in entrance areas of docks, dry docks and other narrow or exposed passages.Roller fenders are usally installed to guide ships into space-restricted areas like the walls of dry docks.


  • Guiding system & energy absorption
  • Typically maintenance free
  • Multipurpose use
  • No friction due to fender rotation

Mooring bollards

Explore our diverse collection of mooring bollards—the backbone of maritime safety. Nordic Fender offers a wide range of economically efficient solutions, providing secure mooring for vessels in harbors and ports.

Bollards come in various designs, sizes, and capacities to meet a broad spectrum of mooring needs at jetties, berths, and wharves.

Types of bollards:

  • Tee bollards
  • Single bitt bollard
  • Horn bollards
  • Pillar bollard
  • Kidney bollards
  • Cleat bollard
  • Double bitt bollard


Ports and terminals require different solutions, but focus on safety should be
common for all.

Types of ladders:

  • Rubber molded ladder
  • Hot dip galvanized ladder
  • Stainless steel ladder
  • MS painted ladder

Pneumatic fenders

Nordic Fender manufacturers pneumatic fenders of first class, in full compliance with ISO 17357-1:2014 ensuring the quality and reliability. The fenders come in standard internal pressure og 50kPa and 80 kPa.
Pneumatic fenders play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and efficiency of maritime operations by protecting vessels and structures from potential damage caused by impacts and collisions.


  • Chain & tire net fenders (Sizes from 1,0 m x 1,5 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m)
  • Sling fenders (Sizes from 0,5 m x 1,0 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m)


  • Heavy duty aircraft tyre net
  • Other special sizes on request
  • Rental of fenders on short notice
  • Stock points in Asia, Middle East and Europe


  • A cost-effective solution and a practical choice
  • Pneumatic fenders can adapt to high tide variations

Foam filled fenders

Foam filled fenders are often used in port and terminals. In addition we see that operators within the navy segment and cruise prefer foam fenders. One of the reasons for this is that, unlike black rubber fenders, with tyres, a fender body made of foam will not leave marks on the hull. So if you have a shiny new cruise vessel you would prefer to keep it that way.


  • Wide range of sizes and customized solutions
  • Can be equipped with chain & tyre net
  • Optional colors: black, dark grey, green and red

Quick release hooks

Quick release hooks (QRH) are vital components of modern mooring systems, streamlining vessel docking for enhanced safety and efficiency. These hooks ensure secure fastening to docks with minimal effort and enable quick release, even in emergencies, optimizing port operations.

QRH are highly customizable, featuring integrated capstans, low maintenance designs, remote release actuators, and mooring load monitoring load cells. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions to meet diverse operational needs.

Moreover, QRH systems seamlessly integrate with berthing aids, providing comprehensive docking solutions. Available in various capacities, from single to multiple configurations, they offer versatility to adapt to different operational requirements.


  • Realiable, secure, and safe docking operations
  • High angles can be accomodated in design
  • Fully customized bespoke solution for every terminal
  • Low maintenance
  • Fully intergrated option with remote and local control

In addition to QRH systems, we also offer independent capstans to provide clients with comprehensive mooring solutions tailored to their specific needs.

Aids to navigation

Buoys are used for navigation, marking hazards, delineating navigable channels, and providing valuable information to mariners. The buoys come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, each serving a specific purpose in marine operations and safety. Nordic Fender provides buoys according to your specification and they are manufactured in various materials: steel, GRP or foam filled.

Buoys for mooring
Mooring buoys are used as pickup buoys or to moor vessels of large sizes. Ships can moor to buoys safely and turn their enginr off with significantly save fuel costs.

Nordic Fender suppliers all types of laterns including LED type. These are designed to be maintenance free and have a service life up to 12 years.