Navy fenders are designed to protect naval vessels during berthing and docking operations. These fenders act as a cushion, absorbing impact energy and minimizing the risk of damage to both the vessel and the port infrastructure.

Pneumatic fenders

Our Pneumatic Fenders are first class fenders manufactured in full compliance with ISO 17357-1:2014. We promise outstanding performance and durability, supporting you in running a safe operation – on time!


  • Chain & tire net fenders (Sizes from 1,0 m x 1,5 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m)
  • Sling fenders (Sizes from 0,5 m x 1,0 m to 4,5 m x 9,0 m


  • Heavy duty aircraft tyre net
  • Special colors, both fender body and tyre net
  • GPS and internal pressure sensor – monitoring device
  • Other special sizes on request

Foam filled fenders

Foam filled fenders are often used in port and terminals. In addition, we see that
operators within the navy segment often prefer foam fenders. One of the
reasons being, unlike black rubber fenders with tyres, a fender body made of foam will not leave marks on the hull in the same way. Also the way we manufacture foam fenders gives more flexibility when it comes to size and configuration (density/performance).


  • Wide range of sizes and customized solutions
  • Can be equipped with chain & tyre net
  • Optional colors: black, dark grey, green and red

Hydro pneumatic fenders

Hydro-Pneumatic Fenders find their primary application in the berthing of submarines and vessels with a shallow freeboard and significant draft, potentially leading to fender contact occurring beneath the waterline. Sizes from Ø1700 – 4500. Nordic Fender offers special transport skid and all
hardware for installation. Our service operators can install the units on site.


  • Special filling and safety valve for easy maintenance and service
  • Transport skid
  • Customized markings


In naval operations, a variety of hoses are used for different purposes, ranging from fluid transfer to firefighting. The specific types of hoses depend on the applications and requirements of the naval activities. Nordic Fender supplies all types of hoses for naval vessels.


  • Bunker hoses
  • Utility hoses


Gangways are installed to ensure secure passage during port calls. They offer a highly practical and adaptable solution for the vessels involved. Various sizes, available for sales and rental.


  • Safety assurance
  • Adjustable
  • Custom made solutions can be provided