Hoses incl. accessories


Composite hoses   

Nordic Fender offers a comprehensive selection of top-notch composite hoses designed to suit a wide range of applications and operational needs. Whatever your specific requirements may be, Nordic Fender can supply you with a dependable and secure composite hose for your intended operation.
Composite hoses are made from multiple layers of spirally wrapped thermoplastic fabrics and films held together by a metal inner and outer wire helix. Product hoses form an integral part of transfer operations.


Metal hoses    

Nordic Fender offers an enduring and adaptable option, our corrugated or braided metal hose is well-suited for a diverse array of applications. If either the temperature of the media going through the hose or the surrounding atmospheric temperature is very cold or hot, metal may be the only material that can withstand the temperature extremes. Metal hose can handle a wider variety of chemicals than most of the other hose types


Rubber hoses    

Nordic Fender offers a wide range of rubber hoses, to be used to circulate and transport liquids and gases for the marine/offshore industry. Rubber tubing can be produced in a wide variety of tube diameters and wall thicknesses.


Steel expansion joints   

Nordic Fender offers stainless steel expansion joints – flexible components in piping systems that absorbs thermal expansion, vibration, and movement. Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, it prevents structural damage while accommodating temperature changes and system dynamics.